GP in Richmond

Your parents in Richmond are getting on in years and you want to get them the best medical care. Medical care for seniors can be tricky because they tend to have different health problems at once. In addition to that it can be hard to get treated on time – many doctors require patients to wait for days, even weeks, before they can get an appointment. This means that you will have to work extra hard to find your parents the right doctors.

Qualifications are obviously very important – if your parents suffer from pre-existing conditions you want doctors who specialize in those particular diseases. They should be graduated of good medical schools and their formal training should be backed by additional seminars and workshops – it helps them to stay current.

Access is very important to the elderly – your parents should be able to see their doctors when they want, which means you should be looking for those who are open 7 days a week, and who can give patients appointments the same day they ask for them. If your parents are getting too old to move around freely find out whether the doctor you have in mind able to provide care at home. There are some in Richmond who are happy to make house calls from time to time – you may pay a bit extra but it is worth it. They should also be able to help your parents fill their prescriptions.

Roseneath Medical Practice is one group of Richmond doctors who meet all these criteria. They specialize in a wide range of diseases, including many that plague the elderly. They have their own lab which allows them to do tests and start treatments faster. Your parents will be able to get all the medical care that they need, including dental, in one location.